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Fischer Ranger Ski Lineup

One of my favorite parts of the 2020 line of Ranger skis is the purposeful design. The Ranger Ti skis are a more traditional styled ski with a stiffer, hard charging demeanor that begs you to open it up and charge like it’s the Hahnenkamm. The Ranger FR skis are twin-tipped and have a more playful attitude that encourages you to find every side hit and pillow on the mountain. There is no true one ski quiver when there are so many different types of skiers. So being able to pick a Ranger that suits you and the terrain is rad.

Kyle Smaine

Fischer Ranger 94 FR

The newest offering in the Ranger FR series, the Fischer Ranger 94 FR utilizes the same Aeroshape technology—a slightly convex topsheet that increases torsional stability, durable sandwich sidewall construction and a chatter-reducing carbon nose—as its acclaimed bigger brothers. This narrower ski will get any on-piste enthusiast’s blood boiling for its ability to hold an edge, but should also intrigue skiers eager to add a tinge of friskiness to their daily frontside routine. In Fischer’s FR series, additional tip and tail rocker and near-symmetrical dimensions give an added boost of freestyle feel, maximizing every skier’s ability to transition between groomed and ungroomed snowpack.

“If you’re looking for something that can carve GS turns but can carry you through powder, this is an awesome option.”

“Light and snappy, but still can hold a really good edge.”

Ski Lengths: 161 cm, 169 cm, 177 cm, 185 cm
Turn Radius: 17 m
Ski Dimensions: 126-92-117

MSRP: $599.99

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Fischer Ranger 99 Ti

The “limit” does not exist on the Fischer Ranger 99 Ti. Updated from last year’s 98 Ti, these planks sport the same beloved features–poplar and beech wood core, carbon tips and titanium inserts underfoot–but the slightly wider waist width and altered tip shape up the stability and carving ante on these bad boys. Hit warp speed and drop your hip confidently and with absolute power on the all-new Ranger 99 Ti.

“Fall-line skiers who want to reach Mach speed will covet the extra metal, which you can feel holding up to G-forces only experienced by astronauts.”

“A freeride ski that lays absolute trenches.”

Ski Lengths: 174 cm, 181 cm, 188 cm
Turn Radius: 18 m @ 181 cm
Ski Dimensions: 130-97-121

MSRP: $699.99

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Fischer Ranger 102 FR

Two for two on Buyer’s Guide appearances, the Fischer Ranger 102 FR is back, unchanged. This playful plank sports a near-twin tip shape with rockered tips and tails, perfect for when a new blanket of fresh falls. Its camber underfoot and an edge-to-edge arc on the surface of the ski–dubbed Aeroshape–provides the power you need to plow through chewed-up crud, making this one of the most versatile skis in the legendary Ranger line. The Ranger 102 FR ain’t picky—she’ll ski anything.

“This thing loves to charge. If you want to rip ‘cord in the morning and chase pow in the afternoon, this is your tool.”

“The stability in this ski is hard to beat. Once you’re done floating through all that powder, you can run them through the flats and crud and let them take you for a ride.”

Ski Lengths: 170 cm, 177 cm, 184 cm
Turn Radius: 18 m @ 177 cm
Ski Dimensions: 136-102-126

MSRP: $699.99

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Fischer MyRanger 102

New for 2020, Fischer takes everything skiers love from the Ranger 102 FR–sandwich sidewall construction, a carbon nose and long rocker in the tip–and put it in a women’s-specific ski. At 102 millimeters underfoot, the Fischer MyRanger 102 is versatile in a number of snow conditions and built for ladies who like to do it all–blast through bumps, squeeze through trees and open it up on groomers. From fresh powder to next day’s choppy leftovers, the MyRanger 102 will be your best friend.

“Great control and very responsive, making this a fun and aggressive ski on all terrain.”

“A dream on the groomers, beefy in the chunder and reacts to your every move.”

Ski Lengths: 158 cm, 168 cm, 176 cm
Turn Radius: 17 m @ 168 cm
Ski Dimensions: 135-102-125

MSRP: $699.99

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Fischer Ranger 107 Ti

The good folks at Fischer didn’t mess with the build of this classic but did give it a sleek, streamlined new graphic. The widest directional driver of the Ranger line, the Fischer Ranger 107 Ti mixes light, energetic poplar and rigid beech wood (both offset milled for weight savings) with carbon fiber and titanium plates, yielding a ski that’s powerful, quick edge to edge and responsive.

“Aimed at the fast and furious rippers out there. Light as can be for the amount of drive they deliver.”

“The connection between the snow and you is flush through and through, thanks for the ride, Fischer!”

Ski Lengths: 174, 182, 188
Turn Radius: 18 m @ 182
Ski Dimensions: 142-107-134

MSRP: $849.00

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Fischer Ranger 115 FR

The all-new Ranger 115 FR takes the hard-charging characteristics of the Ranger Ti, and adds a bit of playfulness to the equation. The result is a ski that’s ultra-stable but is nimble and lively at the same time. Fischer utilizes a milled beech and poplar blend in the wood core for a solid ride that still shaves weight and promotes responsiveness, and adds in a Titanal reinforcement for a boost in strength.

“Super fun in the fresh snow, crushed chopped up powder and railed groomers.” “Basically, I’m obsessed.”

Lengths: 178, 188, 196
Turn Radius: 20 m @ 188
Ski Dimensions: 144-115-134

MSRP: $799.00

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Fischer Ranger 92 TI

The Ranger 92 TI is a frontside carver built to absolutely pulverize the piste. The 92-mm-waisted ski is built with Fischer’s AirTec TI and a carbon-fiber tip, all packed into a sandwich sidewall construction for weight savings with compromising any energy or stability.

Lengths: 171, 178, 185
Turn Radius: 18 m @ 179
Ski Dimensions: 122-90-111

MSRP: $649.99

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Fischer My Ranger 90 TI

Fischer’s My Ranger 90 TI packs two sheets of metal into a full sandwich sidewall construction, yielding a mean-as-hell ski that doesn’t mess around. A 15-meter turn radius allows the ski to be quick and nimble, and while the two sheets of metal add a bit of weight, skiers who covet power can rely on the My Ranger 90 TI as a touring ski, if they so choose.

Lengths: 155, 163
Turn Radius: 15 m @ 163
Ski Dimensions: 125-90-116

MSRP: $649.99

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Fischer My Ranger 96Ti

The My Ranger 96Ti is a certified badass in the categories of float, touring, carving, playfulness and versatility. You name it, it slays it with confidence. A combination of beech and poplar wood sandwiched between layers of Titanal and carbon in the tip and tail makes this ski powerful, lightweight and agile.

Lengths: 166, 174
Turn Radius: 17 m @ 174
Ski Dimensions: 128-95-120

MSRP: $699.99

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